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1. Mayan Culture Pottery
Four-footed bulbous shaped terracotta vessel, the jaguar s tail serving as the handle, a Mayan head with feathers on each side under the jaguar. Brilliant brown, red, ivory and black. In excellent condition with a dark patina. $1200 

2. Mayan Culture Pottery
Terracotta plate with a seated warrior in an elaborate feathered costume in the center. Traces of brown, red, ivory, and black. $500 

3. Mayan Culture Pottery
Three-footed terracotta bulbous shaped vessel, 2 seated warriors in elaborate feathered costumes. Brilliant brown, red, beige. Dark patina. $900 

4. Mayan Culture Pottery
Terracotta bottle with a side portrait of a warrior wearing an elaborate feathered headdress to either side with a spotted designed neck and traces of red, orange, and brown. $500 

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