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Terracotta seated male statue, the hands to the knees, wearing a banded headdress, necklace, earrings, armlets, and shoulders embedded with nodes.

100 BC-200 AD
5" x 3"

Pre-Columbian antiquities are gauranteed to be authentic and from the period stated. All of our artifacts come with a Certificate of Authenticity.
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Ancient Egyptian artifacts stone wall fragment
Sandstone carving of an Egyptian Goddess in profile in a broad necklace and royal headdress with the Uraeus cobra symbol, the cobra representing the ”fiery eye of Re”. Covered in a light earthen patina. 18th Dynasty
Dogon Tribe Statue
Elongated Bronze nude bearded figure, seated on a stool, a spear in hand, a pipe in the mouth, necklace, ankle bracelets, protruding almond shaped eyes. Rich dark patina.
Ancient Egyptian Wall Fragment Amun
Ancient Egyptian wall fragment sandstone carving of a seated Amun, the Egyptian sky God who came to be regarded as a sun God and the head of the Egyptian pantheon, with a chin beard, flat headdress, the Uraeus cobra symbol, and holding a staff. Hieroglyphs on upper section. Light earthen patina. New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty. Music
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