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Carved limestone fish statue with incised lines depicting the scales, face, fins, and teeth. Ptolemaic.

305-30 BC
2 ¼" x 1"

Egyptian antiquities are gauranteed to be authentic and from the period stated. All of our artifacts come with a Certificate of Authenticity.
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Asian statue head
Carved white marble Buddha head, a round face with a serene expression, delicately arched eyebrows, elongated earlobes, downcast eyes in meditation, small bow shaped mouth recessed at the corners, the hair in rows of small spiral curls. Mounted on a base.
Lot of 3 Ancient Near Eastern earring
Lot of 3 pairs of earrings: Ancient deep blue Lapis Lazuli inlays redesigned on modern Silver settings, two pairs with coral beads, one with a fish design.
Ancient Egyptian artifacts scarab
Large brown limestone heart scarab, once placed on the throat, chest, or heart of the Mummy. Some were worn by the deceased on a necklace, or mounted in gold settings as a pectoral. heart scarabs provided the bearer with the assurance that at the final judgment as depicted in the Book of the Dead, the bearer would be found ”True of Voice” and accepted into the eternal afterlife by the God Osiris. On top, hieroglyphic symbols, five lines of hieroglyphics at the bottom. Unusually large and beautiful. Third Intermediate. Music
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