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Terracotta oil lamp with the seven-branch Menorah in low relief, the symbols of light, justice, peace, truth, benevolence, brotherly love and harmony. Traces of carbon residue about the wick hole.

100 BC - 100 AD
3 3/4"

Holy Land antiquities are gauranteed to be authentic and from the period stated. All of our artifacts come with a Certificate of Authenticity.
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Hebrew Mezuzahs
Animal-skin mezuzah with inscribed Hebrew verses from the Torah. Comes with an original animal-skin mezuzah case. A mezuzah is a he parchment scroll affixed to the doorframe in Jewish homes to fulfill the mitzvah (Biblical commandment).
Prehistoric axe
Homo Erectus stone hand axe. Fits easily into the palm with indented area for the thumb. These tools were likely used to cut plants or meat but may have also served as weapons when hunting animals for food. Most tools were clearly intended to be used by the bare hands although some were fitted to wooden handles. Great Rift Valley, Africa.
Ancient Egyptian Scarab With A Seated Tawaret
Egyptian light beige limestone scarab with a seated Tawaret and a blue glaze on the top. Incised hieroglyphic inscriptions on the bottom. 18th Dynasty Music
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Canaanite oil lamp  100 BC - 100 AD
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Asian statue 400 - 500 AD
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Search: all words any words exact phrase
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