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Macedonain Greek black glass intaglio: Alexander the Great in profile.

100 AD

Greek antiquities are gauranteed to be authentic and from the period stated. All of our artifacts come with a Certificate of Authenticity.
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Treasures of the World Artifact Spotlight:
Ancient Egyptian Wall Fragments
Sandstone carving of a seated baboon, his arms resting to the top of the knee, associated with Thoth the God of knowledge, in profile with a braided wig. Earthen patina. 18th Dynasty.
Ancient Artifacts - Roman oil lamp
Terracotta lamp with a grapevine design, human face as the ansa. Traces of carbon residue about the wick hole.
Ancient Egyptian artifacts ancient gold earring
Ancient Egyptian jewelry was of the highest quality and involved complex gold, silver and gemstone crafting techniques, including lost wax casting. Gold, silver and copper were the metals that were used by ancient Egyptian jewelry craftsmen. However the ancient Egyptians made abundant use of different metals, minerals and a variety of stones in an amazing range of colors. Precious lapis lazuli and beautiful orange carnelian were two favorites of Egyptian Royalty. Other materials that were used in ancient Egyptian jewelry were amethyst, turquoise, garnet and opal. Ancient Egyptian jewelry also included gold-plated vests. The Egyptian jewelry-maker did not always use precious stones, what he held the most valuable the modern world would consider at best only semiprecious. Their jewelry was a celebration of life, of balance and harmony with nature and the universe. Jewelry was the dominant costume focus, worn by both sexes. Numerous examples of ancient Egyptian jewelry survive in museums. Beads held their own special symbolism in ancient Egyptian jewelry. Glass and paste imitations of semi-precious stones were used without prejudice in ancient Egyptian jewelry. The ancient Egyptian jewelry was nearly always symbolic and carried some magical powers. Jewelry made of copper symbolized Hathor, the goddess of love. These items were thought to be good luck for the wearers because this connected them to their gods and goddesses. Did you know that the Egyptians loved turquoise so much, that at least one major mine was dedicated as a shrine to the goddess Hathor, "Lady of Turquoise". Hathor meaning "House of Horus” was a goddess of many things, from the celestial to the alcoholic. She was a celestial goddess, The Mistress of Heaven, a goddess of love, music, beauty, cheerfulness and dance. She was also the goddess of the third month of the Egyptian calendars, known in Greek times as Hethara. Hathor herself was known as "Lady of Stars" and "Sovereign of Stars" and linked to Sirius, the goddess Sopdet. By Greek times, she was the goddess of Hethara, the third month of the Egyptian calendar. It was held in the hand and rattled to convey the blessing of the goddess. Hathor was also the "Lady of Greenstone and Malachite" and "Lady of Lapis-Lazuli", presiding over these materials as well as being a goddess of the fringes where they were mined. This fits in well with Hathor's role of a goddess of beauty. She was a goddess of the west and a goddess of Punt and Sinai and so was a goddess of far off places. “Soon the gods gathered about Ra in his Secret Place, and the goddesses also.” "Then Nun said" My son Ra, the god greater than he who made him and mightier than those whom he has created, turn your mighty Eye upon them and send destruction upon them in the form of your daughter, the goddess Sekhmet "cried all the other gods and goddesses, bowing before Ra until their foreheads touched the ground. The terrible glance from the Eye of Ra his daughter Sekhmet came into being, the fiercest of all goddesses. The ending of the Victorian era was highly influenced by archeological expeditions in Egypt, which now enlightened the western hemisphere of ancient Egyptian jewelry. Some authentic ancient Egyptian jewelry is available today through collectors online and in antique shops. If you are looking for something beautiful and something new, you might consider ancient Egyptian jewelry or jewelry in that style. Ancient gold earrings with an intricate design in a finely made winglike shape. The bottom portion of larger earrings. Ptolemaic Period. Music
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Greek Intaglio  400 BC
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Greek Intaglio 400 BC
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