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Miniature terracotta vase with a short neck, flaring mouth, black figures with red highlights: a bearded seated figure holds a drinking vessel on one side, a bird on the other. Light earthen patina.

400 BC
3 1/2" x 2"

Greek antiquities are gauranteed to be authentic and from the period stated. All of our artifacts come with a Certificate of Authenticity.
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Treasures of the World Artifact Spotlight:
Ancient Egyptian artifacts scarab
Large brown limestone heart scarab, once placed on the throat, chest, or heart of the Mummy. Some were worn by the deceased on a necklace, or mounted in gold settings as a pectoral. heart scarabs provided the bearer with the assurance that at the final judgment as depicted in the Book of the Dead, the bearer would be found ”True of Voice” and accepted into the eternal afterlife by the God Osiris. Eight lines of hieroglyphics at the bottom. Unusually large and beautiful. Third Intermediate.
Mesopotamian statue
Bronze muscular figure with the body of a human, the head of a lion. Collar necklace, the phallus exposed. Green patina.
Ancient Egyptian artifacts statue
Brown limestone Ptah with staff in hand at the chest, long chin beard. Creator-God of Memphis who was usually portrayed as a Mummy with his hands protruding from the wrappings and holding a staff that combines the dyed pillar, ankh sign and ‘Was’ scepter. His head was shaven and covered by a tight-fitting skull-cap leaving his ears exposed. From the Middle Kingdom onwards, he was represented with a straight beard. The basic iconography of his images remained virtually unchanged throughout the Pharaonic period. In Hellenistic times, he was identified with the Greek God, Hephaestus. 26th Dynasty. Music
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Greek pottery, Vase  400 BC
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Miniature Greek Vase 400 BC
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