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Ancient Intaglios
          Ancient Eghyptian Jewelry - Egyptian Ring Egyptian Ring Egyptian Ring Egyptian Ring Egyptian Ring Ancient Eghyptian Jewelry - Egyptian Ring Egyptian Ring Egyptian Ring Egyptian Ring Egyptian Ring Egyptian Ring
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Authentic ancient jewelry and artifacts offered to the public. The study of archeology has been a fascination for many people. As a collector discover ancient secrets revealed to you through these mysterious and desirable ancient artifacts. Guaranteed to be authentic and from the period stated. Worlds largest selection of statues, coins, rings, and necklaces. 
A brilliant collection of ancient artifacts and jewelry. Ancient Egyptian jewelry, Roman jewelry, Greek jewelry. Egyptian artifacts, Roman, Greek, African, Persian artifacts and more. Extremely affordable for museums, collectors, gifts and home art treasures.

Own one of these museum quality authentic ancient artifacts for your very own. Empress your friends and family. Display in your living room or office.

Asian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Byzantine, Celtic, Chinese, Egyptian, European, Greek, Hebrew, Holy Land, Islamic, Luristan, Macedonian, Mesopotamian, Middle Eastern, Persian, Phoenician, Prehistoric, Roman, Sumerian, Syrian, and Pre-Columbian Tribes.

Treasures of the World Ancient Jewelry and Egyptian Artifacts
Own a beautiful authentic ancient treasure ancient Egyptian artifacts
  Egyptian Rings  Egyptian Rings Egyptian Plaques Egyptian Amulets  Egyptian ScarabsEgyptian Crosses
Ancient Roman treasures
     Seleucid Kingdom Coin Jewelry  Seleucid Kingdom Coin JewelryRoman Coin Jewelry   Macedonian Coin Jewelry   Seleucid Kingdom Coin Jewelry 
Ancient Coins
Biblical Coins Biblical Coins Biblical Coins Parthian Coins Parthian Coins Parthian Coins Roman CoinsPersian CoinsGreek Coins  
Recently acquired ancient artifacts 
 Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Persian 
Persian Brooches Persian Earrings Persian EarringsRoman IntagliosRoman PlaquesEgyptian BeadsEgyptian Amulets
Ancient Egypt gods and goddesses
 Egyptian Inlays Egyptian DaggerEgyptian Statues  Egyptian Statues Egyptian StatuesEgyptian AmuletsEgyptian Cartonnage FragmentsEgyptian Cartonnage FragmentsEgyptian Cartonnage Fragments
Greek pottery artifacts
 Greek Pottery Greek Pottery Greek Pottery Greek Pottery Greek Pottery  Greek Pottery Greek Pottery
Ancient Artifacts Categories
Holy Land 
Near Eastern 
Religious artifacts

Ancient Artifact and jewelry articles 
Lower Level
Main Level
Upper Level
Beyond Vintage
Ancient Artifacts 
Executive gifts
Office of Antiquities 
Authentic ancient artifacts
Treasures of the World
Ancient artifacts
Egyptian antiquities
Antiquities - aisle 1
Authentic ancient
Roman rings, Roman statues,
ancient Roman coins
Asian Antiquities
Tribal statues - aisle 2
Egyptian aisle 2
Authentic ancient Artifacts
Ancient Egyptian
Roman, Phoenician
and Egyptian antiquities
Prehistoric - aisle 3
Treasures of the World
Authentic ancient artifacts
Holy land antiquities,
and Asian antiquities
Egyptian - aisle 4
Treasures of the World
Authentic ancient Artifacts
Pre-Columbian, African
Egyptian antiquities,
Celtic antiquities and
Mesopotamian antiquities
Pottery - aisle 5
Asian antiques and antiquities
ancient Asian artifacts
Pottery antiquities,
Roman antiquities,
Pre-historic tools
Swords - aisle 6
Treasures aisle 6
Authentic ancient artifacts
ancient Egyptian pottery
Greek antiquities,
Egyptian antiquities,
Roman antiquities
Egyptian - aisle 7
Persian aisle 7
Real Persian ancient artifacts
gold rings, necklaces
Egyptian antiquities,
Roman antiquities,
Celtic antiquities
Greek - aisle 8
Greek antiquities aisle 8
Ancient artifacts Greek
vases, statues, art
 Lower Level
 Main Level
Upper Level
Archaeological antiquities
That 70's store
Ancient Artifacts
Ancient Artifacts
Space Mall
Ancient artifacts

 Authentic ancient and antique 
Asian statues
works of art aisle 1
Space mall
shopping aisle 1
Ancient Egyptian jewelry

 Treasures of Egyptian art
Statues and Silver Crossess
aisle 2
 Space mall
shopping aisle 2
Roman treasures

Ancient jewelry 
Egyptian scarabs
aisle 3
Space mall
shopping aisle 3
European swords

Authentic ancient Greek
aisle 4
Space mall
shopping aisle 4
Greek vases 

Ancient Artifact 
Egyptian ushabtis
aisle 5
Space mall
shopping aisle 5
Asian Buddha statues

Antique and Ancient
aisle 6
Space mall
shopping aisle 6
Authentic ancient Egyptian art

Antique Persian vases 
 Pre-historic amber jewelry
aisle 7
Space mall
shopping aisle 7
Gold and silver coins

Roman gold rings 
 Holy Land rings,
Persian gold jewelry 
aisle 8
Space mall
shopping aisle 8
Persian rings



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